Raising Sons: Drawing Inspiration from Stories of the Prophets


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raisingsons2_1_originalAssalaamu’alaikum wr wb

For Both Men and Ladies (You can listen together with your partner!)

For the longest time, the dream has been to share knowledge and information with fellow Muslim parents who are struggling to raise our children in modern times. There are so many challenges facing us in this century that were not present during our parents’ times, hence we need to modify the way we parent our children accordingly.

Imam Ali (AS) counsels:
Do not force your own customs upon your children for they are in other times than yours.”

For this course, we are focusing on raising sons to become strong and pious gentlemen. We want to draw inspiration from stories of the prophets, including their upbringing, and modify the lessons that we have learned to suit our modern life and the future lives of our sons. The aim is to empower fellow Muslim parents with knowledge so that we can all make informed decisions about the way we raise our sons to become the best men that they can be.

What This Course Will Cover:

  1. The life and upbringing of three different prophets – Prophet Yusuf AS, Prophet Ismail AS and Prophet Muhammad SAW
  2. Their values and characteristics, and how we can emulate that in ourselves and our sons
  3. Challenges in the modern world facing men and how we can help our sons overcome them

Format and Syllabus of Course:

For the first time, this course is going to be co-conducted by two speakers, Sis Suliyati and Ustaz Abu Sufian, so both you and your partner can listen in together!

This is a 4-week course that will enable you to follow the lessons without having to leave your home. You may listen to it on your way to work or just before you go to bed, and because the lessons are downloadable, you can listen to it again and again!

Every Monday starting from 16 September 2019, you will be sent 2 Audio lessons weekly via email and/or an online classroom platform, which you can download. The written transcript will also be attached so that it is convenient for you to read as you listen. It is also helpful to make you reflect even after listening to the audio files.

Just like our Quran classes, students will be given a few questions to reflect on as homework (yes, we believe that homework is necessary to ensure that active learning takes place! :)) and then they will be discussed via a live session (students will be invited to a virtual live session) on the Friday of the week, at 2130hrs (to be confirmed) Singapore time. You are encouraged to share your reflections with other fellow parents.

For those of you who are shy about showing your face, don’t worry, we won’t be able to see you during the live session, though you can see us! If you are unable to join the live sessions, don’t worry too! The live sessions are recorded and will be sent to you as an audio file.


Lesson 1: The life and upbringing of Prophet Yusuf AS

Lesson 2: Lessons we can learn from his values and characteristics


Lesson 3: The life and upbringing of Prophet Ismail AS

Lesson 4: Lessons we can learn from his values and characteristics


Lesson 5: The life and upbringing of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Lesson 6: Lessons we can learn from his values and characteristics



Lesson 1: Challenges facing our sons in the modern world

Lesson 2: How current ulama’ advise us to raise our sons in the modern world


A few important notes:

  • All resources are downloadable and can be accessed anytime and anywhere, even after the course has ended
  • You may either choose to pay via PayPal or Mastercard or Direct Transfer. For Direct Transfer, we will email you the necessary details as soon as we can!
  • The first 10 pax to sign up will be able to enjoy the discounted price of $80 (UP $90). FULLY REDEEMED





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