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Touched by Love

My Dad, My Hero: In Laughter and Sorrow – A Forum for Fathers of Children with Special Needs
by My Inspiring Journey (MIJ) Education Hub
21 Aug 2016 @ Masjid Mydin

Ustaz Zahid Zin shared in the forum that there are six ways of touching a child, which is in the tradition of Rasulullah SAW:

Muslim mother and son relaxing at the home

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  1. To touch the side of the neck of the child, showing that you are taking care of him. There is a Hadith where Rasulullah saw spoke to Abdullah bin Abbas. Rasulullah said, “Be mindful of God, and He will take care of you.” This Hadith was spoken with an act, where Rasulullah touched the side of the neck of Abdullah bin Abbas.
  2. To touch/ pat the head of the child, showing gratitude to the child. There was once Rasulullah went to the washroom, and after, he needed to wash himself with water. He found that water was already prepared for him by Abdullah bin Abbas without him asking for it. Rasulullah was so grateful he touched Abdullah ibn Abbas on the head and recited a doa, “Allahumma faqihhu fiddin wa ‘allimhu ta’aweel” meaning O Allah, bestow on him the understanding of the religion and grant him the knowledge of Qur’an exegesis. It is known that Abdullah ibn Abbas has mastered the Quran and was vastly knowledgeable. Also, he did not have any grey hair at all.
  3. To touch the forehead of the child, to take care of the child’s health. Once Saidina Ali wanted to eat some dates but he was ill, thus, Rasulullah said he could not. As he said so, Rasulullah touched the forehead of Saidina Ali.
  4. To touch the cheeks of the child, even kissing the cheeks, showing love and mercy. Once, a man saw Rasulullah touch the cheeks and kiss his grandson Hasan. The man said, “I have ten children and I do not kiss any of them.” The Prophet said, “Verily, whoever does not show mercy will not be shown mercy.“
  5. To touch/ hold and grab the hands of the child, to nurture the child. Rasulullah once grabbed the hands of Saidina Anas bin Malik to teach him the etiquette of eating and being around food.
  6. To touch the child on his chest, to change his character. There was once a man who uttered boldly to Rasulullah: “O Messenger of Allah, give me permission to fornicate…” The Prophet replied: “Do you accept it (fornication) for your mother?” The young man said: “No.”The Prophet replied: “And likewise, people don’t like it for their mothers.” The Prophet then said: “Do you accept it for your sister?” The young man replied: “No.” The Prophet said: “And likewise, people don’t like it for their sisters.”The Prophet then said: “You should then like for people what you like for yourself, and dislike for people what you dislike for yourself.” The young man felt that he had committed a mistake. He then said with all humility: “Pray to Allah to purify my heart.” The Prophet asked the young man to get nearer and nearer to him, and then he placed his hand on his chest, and said: “O Allah, guide his heart, forgive his sins, and protect his chastity.“


Ideas for Play

Spending time with our children in play is a great way for us parents to show our love and affection, while at the same time even imparting some knowledge. Here is an example of a play date we conducted for our children who were aged 3-4 years!

Playdate on “Rasulullah SAW and the Spider that Helped Him”!

  1. Storytelling – how Rasulullah and Abu Bakr as-Siddiq were aided by the spider. Make the story interactive. Details of the story can be read via this website: Ask questions on the story.
  2. Next is an art activity – Handprint spiders using finger paint! FunIMG-7588
  3. Sing-Along – *To the tune of the “Incy Wincy Spider”, with hand actions of course!*

The brave little spider helped Rasulullah

It built a spider web in front of the cave

The bad people could not see Rasulullah

Thank you little spider – you helped Rasulullah!


Reflections on Play and Perfection

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As a mother, I admit – I am a perfectionist, even though I do not want to be. And it gives me a little bit of anxiety when I am now sure how I can play with my baby when motherhood is so new and when the baby cannot talk to me in return. How can I make my precious time with her fun and for her to enjoy time with me. Do I baby talk? Do I clap my hands and how? What entertaining song can I sing? (Over-thinking alert!) This is a reminder for me to let go of needing the time to be perfect, of knowing how to play in a creative way – but to just simple be in awe of that moment with my child and have fun – even if it is simple, even if it is the same game I am playing again and again. Alhamdulillah for the blessing that is playing with my baby. And I will learn how to play in more creative ways soon – let us enjoy the moment first. 🙂


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