Aqiqah Packages


After the birth of a baby, there are a few recommended practices that have been carried out since the time of our Prophet SAW. Among them are:

  1. Adhan in the right ear and iqamah in the left ear after birth
  2. Giving a good name on the seventh day
  3. Tahneek (the practice of placing a small piece of date, that has already been moistened or chewed in the mouth of either the father or a pious person in the community, on the palate of the baby)
  4. Shaving the hair on the seventh day
  5. Aqiqah (may be done on the 7th, 14th or 21st day)

goatAqiqah is the act of sacrificing an animal – usually a goat – out of gratitude for being blessed with a newborn and then feeding people with its meat. The ruling for this ritual is the same as that for shaving the newborn.

Most people carry out this ritual on the seventh day. However, it can also be done on the 14th day or 21st and so on. This practice is from the Prophet SAW’s time when a newborn baby’s arrival s celebrated by sacrificing an animal and inviting people to a feast. Being bestowed a baby is a great blessing, so sacrificing an animal is one way to show thanks to Allah SWT. Feeding the poor with the meat is also something that is liked by the Lord and should be done with the intention of pleasing Him.

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