Ramadhan Mubarak to all! May this blessed month bring us and our family much barakah and shower us with His mercy and love.

Islam is a religion full of mercy, so for those of us who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding, if you are unable to fast, it is permissible for you to break your fast. Different mazhabs have different opinions on how to make up for the lost fast at a later time – for example, in mazhab Syafiie, if you break your fast while pregnant because you worry about your OWN health, you are only required to pay back the fast but if you break the fast because you worry about your baby, then you need to pay back the fast and pay fidyah – so please please ensure that you check with your own trusted ustaz or ustazah with regard to how to go about paying back for the lost fast.

However, I am sure that some of you first-time moms are eager to continue with your fast. Alhamdulillah, I was able to continue to fast while I was pregnant both times and breastfeeding MOST days, but there were some days when I would break it because I had started shivering and feeling faint. PLEASE, if you feel like you want to pass out, don’t be a hero and continue your fast! It is actually not recommended to continue your fast if your health is at risk, so listen to your body and respond to its needs 🙂

So, if you are in the pink of health and have checked with your own doctor that it is OK for you, then we we thought we would share with you our very own recommendation of top 5 foods to have for sahur that would help pregnant moms or breastfeeding moms maintain their milk supply!

Let’s get started!

1: Milk

I always always ensure that I drink a cup of milk either on its own or with cereal for sahur because when you are pregnant, your baby takes calcium from you, and when you produce breastmilk, again calcium is taken from you. So increase your intake of calcium to ensure healthy bones!

Rasulullah saw loved to drink goat’s milk, so if you would like to get fresh goat’s milk, you can head over to Hay’s Dairies Goat Farm, but if that is too much of a hassle for you, you may buy this Goat’s milk powder that is infused with even more sunnah-based foods such as dates here.


Suffy Goat’s Milk for kids and adults

2: Dates

It is sunnah to eat dates in ODD numbers and what is more amazing is that science has recently backed up this sunnah of eating dates to increase energy level during your fast! Dates are known to release energy slooowly over a longer period of time, so it can keep you feeling more energised throughout the day rather than eating white-sugar-laden foods that can give you a sugar crash just a few hours into your fast.

Among all the dates, ajwa has been said to be Rasulullah saw’s favourite type of dates and it is known to be a cure to many types of illnesses, so if you can get your hands on the Ajwa dates, please do get them though they are a little pricey!

However, if you are not a fan of eating dates but still want the benefits of the dates, why not try the Alkurma juice, which is basically Ajwa dates made into juice? Yum yum! My kids personally love the taste of the Alkurma juice, so what I did was I added a few tablespoons to their water in their water bottles, and alhamdulillah, it has helped them increase their water intake as well! Double points!!!


Alkurma Juice

3. Oats

I always have two tablespoons of oats mixed into my morning mug of Milo as again, oats is one of those foods that help release energy slowly throughout the day. There are lots of recipes for making overnight oats, which makes eating sahur so much easier! Prepare the oats the night before, pop it into the fridge, wake up next morning, open fridge, eat. Hehe, super simple and fuss-free!!

Here are some simple recipes for overnight oats:

4: Chia seeds

Chia seeds are great for keeping you hydrated throughout the day. You are supposed to soak them in water first, and what happens is that the chia seeds will absorb the water and help you retain the water in your body for a longer period of time. A lot of breastfeeding moms swear by chia seeds, so please do try it out. It is a little expensive, but a little goes a looong way so it is worth it in the end! 🙂

Image result for chia seeds

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5. Honey

Honey is another sunnah food and the proven health benefits are too many to name!! Instead of using sugar to add taste to your tea, why not use honey instead? During pregnancy and breastfeeding, we are supposed to eat well to ensure the health of our baby, so do try to cut out the white sugar and substitute with honey.

To get pure Moroccan honey, you can get it here (available as honey sticks for the kids too):


Moroccan honey

Or if you prefer Yemeni Sidr honey (also available in honey sticks)


Yemeni Sidr honey

If you are not the sort to eat a lot during sahur, then here is another way to maintain your milk: lactation cookies!! Lactaction cookies are yummy cookies made of lactogenic ingredients (ingredients meant to increase supply of milk naturally) so they are already packed full of nutritional goodness that a pregnant or breastfeeding mom needs.

You can get your lactation cookies on MuslimParents.SG online marketplace (meaning there are many many Muslim merchants selling different products under one platform, so you can shop for everything you need in one website!) and they are available in many yummy flavours.




Chocolate chip



Dates and Goat’s Milk flavour


For more flavours, you can check out the whole range here:

Here is wishing you and family a happy and healthy Ramadhan!





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